About Us


Through her creativity, she’s able to share her beauty and essence. Jessica Miller, the owner of J.Rena, is no ordinary stylist. Her love for wig making, rehabilitation and product development has allowed her to show her talents in a positive way. 
The South Florida native started her journey as a hairstylist, artist, and designer at an early age. Creating majestic wigs is where she brings all her talents together. Because of her love and passion for hair, she attended cosmetology school, at one of the top schools in the world, Paul Mitchell. All the while she sharpened her skills and shears, exceeding her expectations by completing her cosmetology program in 11 months as an unemployed single parent. After obtaining her cosmetology license in 2017 J.Rena Hair LLC and J.Rena Wig Rehab LLC began.
Talent is what she shows and passion is what she is.